Simultaneous Interpretation:

If you are planning a meeting with participants from different countries speaking several languages, AVC can help by providing simultaneous interpretation equipment & services. AVC will deploy specialised equipment such as microphones, headsets, transmitters and interpreter booths, including the expertise necessary to install and operate the equipment. We work closely with clients to manage interpretation equipment logistics, including proper placement, security and technical monitoring during the conference. AVC clients enjoy the benefits of an expert, friendly and hassle free experience.

Audience Response Systems:

Engage participants, assess learning, gather data and enhance your next presentation with an audience response system. AVC's audience response systems integrate seamlessly with Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations and allow audiences to participate by submitting responses to interactive questions with hand-held keypads. Using audience response systems, your presentations become powerful assessment tools, collecting real-time audience responses and dramatically improving productivity.

Video Production:

Whether for videoconferencing, image magnification or recording your event, AVC offers a full range of professional video production services. AVC's experienced production team, including professional camera operators, directors and editors, will help you achieve the desired result. Post production sound tracks and visual effects can be added to your video to create a polished final product.

*Training, Promotional & Corporate Videos
*CD/DVD Duplication
*Transfers to DVD
*Video Encoding for Web

Live Web Streaming:

AVC can enhance your live event with world-wide coverage over the web. Entertainment or business events can be broadcast live as they happen, or AVC can archive a pre-recorded event for you and allow your audience to view it on demand. Private events can be delivered with password protected entry, ideal for business meetings, seminars and remote training classes.

large format projection:

Using high end hardware/software we can now project onto screens or buildings of any size. We are no longer constrained to using standard 16:9 or 4:3 size screens. Our panoramic screens are as tall as 20 ft, and up to 80ft wide. Soft edge blending is the method used to create a larger video display by combining the image of two or more projectors. The process of edge blending, involves manipulation of individual pixels to ensure perfect intensity over a specified blend zone.

IT Networks:

We specialise in file and printer sharing networks, and internet kiosks. We make sure you have all of the technology you need to ensure a smooth event.

media creation:

*Motion Graphics
*3D Renders
*3D Projection Mapping
*Multimedia Presentations

Set Design:

From custom screen surrounds to pipe & drapes, AVC offers a broad array of resources together with the ease and convenience of working with a single source. Using computer design tools, our team will help visualise your concept and bring it to life. AVC's design, production and staging professionals will provide you with a custom turnkey solution from design to completion. Or you may choose only the services you need to execute your project.

Video Conferencing:

AVC maintains videoconferencing suites in several convenient locations and can bring video conferencing equipment directly to your meeting, wherever it may be. Videoconferencing can help businesses form profitable relationships quickly and efficiently without the inconvenience and expense of long distance travel.